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K9 Emporium - Cool Stuff For You And Your Pup

About K9 Emporium

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Meet Brewster, the world's tallest puppy, and official spokesdog for K9Grass. At just a year old, Brewster measures 38 inches tall at the shoulders, just two inches shorter than father Gibson, who held the Guinness World Record for the World's Tallest Dog. Brewster is well on his way to following in Gibson's footsteps.

K9 Emporium is a collection of unique products for pets and their people. From our best-selling K9Grass Mats, to our products that help support canine cancer awareness, the items available at the K9 Emporium are designed with dog lovers in mind.

Our most popular product is our K9Grass Mat. Made from authentic K9Grass, the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, these unique pet mats offer exclusive benefits not available in any other pet mat.

SAFE. Pet-safe AlphaSan® antimicrobial agents are manufactured into the blades to protect against bacteria and other microbes. This antimicrobial additive is a vital component to keeping the grass clean and safe, and helping to reduce odors.

DRAINABLE. Exclusive flow-through knitted backing provides immediate drainage, enabling liquid waste to be washed away by our patent-pending flushing system (indoors) or to drain into our prepared base (outdoors).

CLEANABLE. Short dense blades make locating and removing solid waste easy. The no-infill design allows for a variety of cleaning methods, products, and equipment to be used.

DURABLE. Specially-designed grass blades are interwoven (knitted) with the backing, which provides an incredibly strong bond between blade and backing.

K9 Emporium is proud to support Three Paws For The Cause to help raise awareness of canine cancer, a disease that takes the lives of one in four dogs.

When Gibson the World's Tallest Dog lost his battle with canine cancer in August, 2009, his owner Sandy Hall became overwhelmed with letters and emails from people all over the world with stories of dogs who had died of canine cancer. She felt compelled to honor Gibson's memory by speaking out about this disease and doing her part to help find a cure.

Our canine cancer awareness charms help support the activities of Three Paws For The Cause, and by purchasing a charm you can contribute to this important initiative.

We hope you enjoy the products available at K9 Emporium. Happy shopping!